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Size: 16,500 SF   |   Cost: $10M

VA Palo Alto Emergency Department Expansion

Palo Alto, California


This project will renovate the outdated Emergency Department at the Building 100 Hospital Building on the VA Palo Alto Campus and add 3,800 sf of additional support space to the ED. The project includes programming and design through to construction and involves extensive coordination with various stakeholders from VA clinical staff, planning and engineering as well as coordination with other AE teams working on adjacent projects on the VA campus.


The design of the ED will become a new standard for practice, wayfinding and will feature therapeutic ways of bringing in light and views to nature within ED spaces.


We have coordinated extensively with VA personnel to understand the constraints of the existing campus facilities, utilities and operations and to develop an innovative facility that will better support Veteran’s and staff.


Detailed Phasing, ICRA & ILSM plans are being developed for this project.