VA Palo Alto Building 520 A-Wing

Palo Alto, California



13,200 Sq. Ft. Renovation






Full Architectural Services


Project Features

  • Renovated locked unit to resident & outpatient services
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Home-like setting to support healing & recovery
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Recovery skills training

Click below to see the enlarged floor plan:

This project renovated one of four wings of the recently completed Mental Health facility to accommodate the Foundations of Recovery (F.O.R.) program. Previously a locked inpatient unit, the renovated unit is tailored to serve the F.O.R. program, a substance abuse treatment program serving newly recovering veterans and those with occurring mental health and physical health concerns.


The primary focus of the design was to create a residential environment distinctly different from the remaining three locked units. The renovation replaced all security hardware, fixtures and equipment, and replaced the existing finishes. The existing dining room, kitchen and outdoor courtyard were also remodeled to create more inviting and interactive spaces that would encourage the residents to develop new recovery skills through cooking, socializing and community responsibility. The renovation creates a friendlier homelike setting to support healing and recovery.