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VA White City Health Clinic

White City, Oregon


The Veteran Affairs Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center & Care Clinic (VA SORCC) will serve the general veteran population of the region in addition to the resident population that is intermediate and long term treatment for behavioral and chemical dependency issues. Services include residential treatment in psychiatry, addictions, bio-psychosocial, physical and vocational rehabilitation. The care is individualized, compassionate, and high quality emphasizing rehabilitation in a safe environment.


This 2-story, 16,000 square-foot addition to the Ambulatory Care Clinic includes exam rooms, treatment rooms, caregiver offices, and a new lobby to join the new facility to the existing facility.


The Design Partnership served as healthcare facility design specialists to Architect of Record, Rowell Brokaw Architects, PC. The project received Two Green Globes certifications.


Planning Concepts:

The clinic plan is one of the first of the VA’s new Patient Aligned Care Team, PACT.  Here multiple providers are brought together in teams. The Veteran visits one team rather than traveling from one medical specialist to another. The design is based on new approach to clerical intake and follow-up to provide better compliance with HIPAA regulations; large enclosed rooms are provided for a greater sense of confidentiality.


We worked closely with the White City care teams to optimize the design for a limited budget.  The building is planned to receive a future addition.  Key design issues included providing plenty of daylight and natural ventilation.