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San Luis Obispo County

Juvenile Hall Expansion

San Luis Obispo, California


Located along the edge of Highway 1, the proposed project is an expansion of the existing Juvenile Services Center. The building is a series of thresholds, leading from public to private, non-secure to high secure that reciprocate the rhythms of the undulating site and maximize its magnificent views. Balancing the need for light and air with the need for a secure high abuse environment, solid masonry walls are married to a light steel framed structure with clerestory’s and wood ceilings to create a sense of calm. Rethinking the secure perimeter, the design creates a dynamic screened corridor, dissolving boundaries, and connecting the existing facility to the new. Flooded with dappled light and connected with views, this indoor outdoor space is the continuous link that connects the housing units, the classroom building, the gymnasium and the two story staff area.