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Dan's Cabin Retreat

Incline Village, California


Our esteemed IT manager lost his family vacation cabin at Lake Tahoe the winter of 2006-2007.  Located in the woods with scenic views and a peaceful atmosphere, he wanted to reconstruct it just as it had been.  Built in the 1970’s, Building codes had changed quite significantly. Nevertheless, we worked with a local structural engineer to re-create the tongue and groove floors, exposed ceilings and roof, using modern engineering techniques. Based upon the homeowner’s preferences, we recreated even the decorative bird roosts on the rooftop, typical of the era in which it was built. Of course, we provided modern conveniences with stone counters and modern casework, forced air and laundry facilities. We also worked with Lake Tahoe environmental agencies to minimize future rain run-off to help maintain the clarity of Lake Tahoe. We managed the insurance company interaction, along with all the building and planning and environmental reviews. We helped find local contractors to bid and assisted in the construction process. It was very satisfying to work with the homeowner to give back part of what was lost.